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Jumat, 18 Februari 2011

It is still to be done to fix the bad sector affected hard drive is a condition in which the disk is still spinning, the state controller is still working hard. But the situation is still divided again, if you want to use the affected hard drive for bad sectors. Problems cause bad sectors is one of the damage that often occurs. The condition of damage by bad sectors are distinguished by the state 3. The condition in which the hard disk platter worn. In this condition rather than a hard drive can be used. The longer the hard disk getting damaged and no longer useful to be used as a storage medium. Condition platter worn but not yet reached a critical state. This condition can be very stable to drive.

Possible hard drive can still be repaired because the platter is still dilow possible level. The condition of a plate is used, either severe or mild conditions but the damage was found in cluster 0 (the location where the disk partition information is stored). This condition does not allow the hard drive repaired. Speaking about the state of the hard drive to be repaired only possible improvement in the condition to 2, where the surface of the disk is still stable but there is minor damage in several places.

Attempts to use the disk that contains bad sectors Men-elimination of damage to the bad sector location. 

Step 1.

Before performing the next stage of Phase 1 should be used to ensure the condition of the damaged hard disk platters. To know this is difficult to perform LOW LEVEL FORMAT (LLF). LLF can be done from the BIOS or software. For the BIOS, such as the generation of several PC Pentium 486 or (586) have the option LLF. Or to use the software LLF. To obtain the software can be taken at Site LLF hard drive maker. Or search for a file utility such as hddutil.exe (from Maxtor - MaxLLF.exe) and wipe.exe 1.0c version 5.2.1996.

LLF is a function of the software to remove all partitions of good information, data and information on your hard disk bad sector. This software is also useful to correct an error in FAT 32 partitions from Windows Fdisk. After running the LLF program, then the hard drive clean will really like the first time. 
Warning: Use of LLF software will erase all data on your hard disk

Step 2. 

The next process is to try and error method. 

Stages for this session are: 

A. Create hard disk partitions: With FDISK program with 1 partition only, either primary or extended partitions. For the primaries can be done with a single hard drive, but if you want to drive as extended, required a hard drive as the boot process and already have a primary partition (the partition to boot). 

B. Format your hard disk: With the FORMAT C: / C. Addition of the command / C to run the option checks if there are bad sectors. During the formatting process check the percentage of how much damage the hard disk.

When the program displays FORMAT Trying to recover allocation unit xxxxxx, meaning that the program was checking the condition in which the disc will be bad sectors. The assumption in the test below with the Seagate 1.2 GB hard drive with 2 small locations and estimate the damage percentage figure indicated by the program FORMAT: Display Conditions on the percentage of program formats that can be used: 
0-20% Good 20% Bad 21% sector Both discarded 22-89% 67% 91% Bad sectors Disposed Good 91-100% 9%.

C. Create a partition again: With FDISK, delete all partitions on your hard disk before, and make mischief again the partitions as a note. The assumption in the figure below is a partition with the Primary and Extended partitions. In the Primary partition is invisible and only shown to the extended partition. Distribution in the picture below is on drive D and F (22MB and 12 MB) discarded because there are bad sectors. While the E and G (758MB and 81MB) is the drive that is still in good condition and can be used.

If you are stubborn enough to fix your bad sectors, can also be done with an error trying to repeat the search for bad sectors on the disk location of the smaller stages, such as making a lot of partitions to minimize the possibility of wasted space on the partition that will be discarded. The more determined to seek damages in a place where there are bad sectors, both only in this way will require a longer time, although the result is quite satisfying to minimize hard drive location where the damage occurred.

 D. To ensure that what lies at the bad sector hard disk partition to be removed, do the format on the drive letter with the command FORMAT / C. If indeed there are bad sectors on the partition will be deleted (assuming the test bad sectors on the drive letter D and F), then the partition can be immediately discarded. But if something goes wrong, the damage was not bad sectors in the partition.

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