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Jumat, 11 Februari 2011

Jakarta - At first glance, there is nothing special in the boys Class 2 SMP Negeri 48 Bandung.

looks like normal kids his age are like playing games and surfing. It turned out to be behind it, save arrival Dwi Sentosa (13) the enormous potential in the field of anti-virus technology.

The second child of the couple Herman Suherman (45) and Yeni Soffia (38) This creates anti-virus called Anti Virus Artav. Working through this routine in by him for a year by his family, old computer.

Although the creation of a teenager, but the Visual Basic-based anti-virus is quite capable in the local and the global fight against the virus. makes simple graphical representation and support, the database up to date virus continues to load it much Artav Anti-Virus.

DetikINET found at his home in response Adiwinata No. 9, Bojongsoang, Bandung regency, the boy who nicknamed his experience said this ival in the production Artav Anti-Virus.

"The name is an acronym for Getting Artav Taufik is anti virus. My Name Arrival Dwi Sentosa and my brother Aditya Taufik president. That was my mission to cool Artav Sun," he said.

Ival new claims with his older brother was in the Class 2 SMA Negeri 25 Bandung seats was because he could not design. Therefore, all existing designs in home-made anti-virus program is the creation of his brother.

"I have the program, older brother, who set the design done. I can not design. Artav design currently brother who makes them. Good weapons," he said.

make the origin of interest in him on anti-virus because of resentment against the computer in his home he is often exposed to the virus. He used often to install a virus that infects the computer to eradicate.

"My endless trouble. Computers in the home are always subject to a virus and I have to install them frequently. I'm curious about viruses that attack your computer at home. I'm looking on the Internet, such as viruses work, and I bought a book through Visual Basic for understanding how viruses work, "he explains his attraction to the virus early.

It took a year to make, for Artav to ival. Originally it Anti-Virus ival on their friends and family. Get publish a positive reaction, he ventured a homemade anti-virus on his Facebook account. Once posted on facebook, pretty good response from the community. (AFZ / fw)

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