3 Step 'Feedback' to Windows 7 RC

Minggu, 07 Juni 2009

Sunday, 7 june 2009
Microsoft operating system, Windows 7 RC version that has been thrown to the public certainly has not been perfect. Will only have holes that menghantuinya.

However, different from the previous beta version, the RC version of the icon 'send feedback' has been removed. Consequently, users who want to send some bug reports of trouble on the feedback to Microsoft.

Microsoft seems to intentionally remove the 'feedback link' that used to have on the desktop. The reason is because Windows 7 has reached a more final version.

But if the user version of Windows 7 RC find some bugs of not mean that no longer can 'voice'. But they are not able to send the report instantly, as in the earlier beta version.

Here are three easy steps how to send feedback on Windows 7 RC kwawoenkz that have been mixed:

1. Open the 'Run' in Windows (press the Windows + R)

2. Type "rundll32.exe FeedbackTool.dll, ShowWizard", without quotes and press Enter.

3. A new window will come out. Type your Windows Live ID, and then follow the next steps.

Actually there is another way that is easier to download a shortcut to the 'send feedback', and then install the icon on the Windows 7 RC Superbar. To be able to get the download here.

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